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Frequently Asked Questions


What is United Way of Davie County?

We are a local, independent, nonprofit organization that provides support for crucial health and human services in Davie County. We are governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors. We are fundamentally different from other nonprofits as donors can give a gift that benefits the entire community, not just one person or one issue.

We improve lives by uniting the people, organizations, and resources in our community resulting in a strong, safe and healthy Davie County.


What is the relationship between United Way of Davie County and United Way Worldwide?


Each of the 1,240 local United Ways in the U.S. is governed entirely by local volunteers. At United Way of Davie County money is raised locally and stays in the local community. All decisions, including policy and funding decisions, are made by our Board of Directors.

United Way of Davie County is an autonomous organization, separate from any other United Way organization. United Way Worldwide does not conduct any governance or policy-making decisions for local United Ways. We have a local volunteer board of directors who determines our vision, mission, purpose, goals and objectives.

Locally, we rely on United Way Worldwide to provide training for staff and volunteers, use of the United Way logo and community building resources that would otherwise be unavailable. For these services, we pay them a membership fee, much like a trade association.


How are funding decisions made?


United Way of Davie County uses an allocations process to distribute funds. The allocations committee gathers information about all partner agencies that have applied for funding.  After reviewing funding requests and examining community needs, recommendations are made to the Board of Directors. Upon approval, dollars are distributed for specific programs to agencies.

The partner agencies for the United Way of Davie County must meet strict standards of accountability in order to be considered for funding.


Are all funds kept in Davie County?


All undesignated funds remain in the county, funds raised in Davie County, stay in Davie County.  However, if you ask United Way of Davie County to send your donation to a health and human service non-profit agency outside Davie County your request will be honored.   


What if I can't afford to give much?


Every person’s gift makes an impact and together they can add up to a life-changing difference for someone in need. A little bit goes a long way for agencies and helps them focus on providing service.

If you wish to give of other resources including your time and talents, you have many options throughout our community.  Visit the GET CONNECTED section of our webpage to view many local volunteer needs.


Why not give directly to an agency?


Some individuals do prefer to give directly to a particular agency. In fact, the United Way has a designation policy that is responsive to such donor wishes. A gift to United Way helps support a network of human service programs that address many community needs in a cooperative and collaborative manner. United Way’s combined fundraising efforts allow area agencies to focus more time on their primary purpose: helping people. 


Who benefits from my gift?


In a word - EVERYONE. Your neighbors, co-workers, even your own family may have benefitted from United Way partner agencies. Emergency shelter, medical care and other programs for the needy are just the beginning. There are countless examples of people touched by United Way that add up to creating a healthy, vibrant, caring environment that serves individuals, businesses and social and civic organizations.


How can I make a difference?


Thanks for asking! A gift to United Way does make a targeted difference, but so does your other contributions of time and talent. There are many opportunities within our community to get involved through volunteering, advocacy and education. To learn more visit GET CONNECTED, click GET CONNECTED at the top of this webpage.