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United Way of Davie County History

1973:  August 28, 1973, Community Services of Davie County was incorporated after the Rotary Club of Mocksville identified the need for a community fund. Key organizers, Charles Dunn and Allen Martin raise $40,000 that first year.
1975 - 1977: Community Fund became affiliated with United Way of Atlanta in 1975 and United Way of Forsyth County in 1977. 
1989: United Way established a local presence in Davie County. Allen Martin was hired as the first Executive Director. 
1991: The Davie County office was created. Fundraising continue to increase with the help of dedicated staff and volunteers.
1994:  United Way of Davie County, Inc. became an independent organization, no longer affiliated with United Way of Forsyth County.
1995:  United Way of Davie County experienced what would be the last campaign for 11 years that raised more money than the total of agency requests. Clearly, needs were on the rise.
1999:  United Way of Davie County reached a goal of $500,000 with the help of a strong base of volunteers and donors.
2002:  Allen Martin retired, completing 29 years of leadership. Anna Eichhorn assumed the position of Executive Director. United Way brought Call 211 Services to Davie County.
2003 - September 11th brought the first annual Day of Caring. Home Loss Prevention program began as emergency relief mortgage assistance.
2004 - The organization grew to a new level when the first full-time Executive Director, Mary Beth Scebold was hired  in an effort to increase fundraising and the United Way presence within Davie County. Campaign reached $444,000. Home Loss Prevention program was fully established, saving 19 families from losing their home. 
2005:  United Way expanded fundraising to $450,000 and set goal for $494,000 in 2006, based on prior agency requests. Direct programs of Call 211, Day of Caring and Home Loss Prevention were running solidly. United Way began the Prescription Discount Card program.
2006: United Way began collaboration with The Advocacy Center, and the Dept. of Social Services to establish the Housing Repair Assistance Coalition. This group addresses housing repair issues, similar to Day of Caring-type projects, on a year-round basis. United Way campaign reached $517,000 and the organization was able to meet 100% of qualified funding requests for the first time since 1995. 
2007:  United Way of Davie County exceeded the goal of $550,000 by $65,000. Direct Program funding is increased for the first in history. UWDC partners with UNC-G and NC A&T Universities' Joint Social Work Field Instruction program to host BSW candidates in an internship setting.  Direct program results increase. 
2008 - 2010:  United Way experienced continued increases in agency requests during the community investment cycle.  Recession causes community needs to rise.  In response to an economy that continues to challenge fundraising efforts, United Way decreased its administrative expenses and accessed reserve funds to supplement grant making for two consecutive years.

2014:  United Way changed its name to United Way of Davie County, Inc.