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About Get Connected

What is "Get Connected"????

Get Connected was developed specifically for United Ways to fulfill their mission of GIVE, ADVOCATE, VOLUNTEER.


This is a web based tool that connects Davie County residents who want to volunteer with programs, projects and agencies that really need them. Signing up for Get Connected is easy and is set up to cater to any individuals interests and passions.


Just click SIGN UP above to get started today!!


 Benefits that will be felt in Davie County through Get Connected are:

1) Allows us to leverage the power of the internet and social media, to strengthen engagement with & between individuals from Davie    County and the agencies they support, helping and growing all in the process.


2) Advertises the needs and services of all United Way agencies and other organizations in the community


3) Helps find new volunteers and successfully match them with needs and opportunities they are interested in, with United Way agencies and other agencies in the community

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